Principal's Message

Dear Golden Rule Middle School Parents,                                         August, 2016


Welcome back to school! I want to welcome Mr. Carruyo our new Assistant Principal!! We are looking forward to a year of learning and partnership. At Illinois GRS Middle School, we believe it is important for families and schools to work together and share responsibility for student success. We very much value family members’ expertise about their children. 

Families know a student best and we can learn from you. Therefore I am asking that you please make every effort to communicate weekly with your child’s teacher/s.

Ways you can communicate are: phone calls, e-mail, stop by the school, schedule a meeting, visit for lunch, send a note with your child to the teacher, and briefly speak to the teacher at dismissal (pick-up). Additionally, your child’s teacher will be required to have weekly communication with every child’s parent.  Please contact the office if you do not hear from your child’s teacher regularly and frequently. 


Students will be referred to as Scholars this year. Scholars are an “active” term whereby “student” is a more “passive” term.  At Golden Rule we are producing Scholars and we want to instill a scholarly mindset.


CHAMPS will be fully implemented this year. CHAMPS is a district wide behavior management system that takes a positive approach and shapes behavior to become intrinsically motivated. 

Curriculum Night for your child will be occurring the week of September 12, please plan to attend.  Your child’s teacher will be providing an overview of the curriculum, the state assessment and answering any questions you may have. See below for dates and times,


Curriculum Night Date & Times

3rd Grade Mon. Sept. 12 5:00-5:30pm   5th Grade Tues. Sept.13 5:00-5:30pm

4th Grade Mon. Sept. 12 5:30-6:00pm   6th Grade Tues. Sept.13 5:30-6:00pm

7th Grade Wed. Sept. 14 5:00-5:30pm

 8th Grade Wed. Sept. 14 5:30-6:00pm


Let’s have a GOLDEN YEAR!!

Ms Schaefer-Principal Middle School