Superintendent's Message


There are quotes that have inspired and impacted me in a special way throughout my life. There are two quotes, in particular, that have driven me as an individual and a leader:  “Never, never, never, give up.”  and  “All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.”- Sir Winston Churchill

All great things indeed encompass the freedom that we have in our country to send our children to a school of choice in which parents and guardians can trust that they will receive both a high-quality education as well as social-emotional growth and stability. This is what Golden Rule has to offer all its stakeholders.  

My personal mission is to educate and groom our students to become not only academically successful, but also citizens who will have the assurance that whatever they will accomplish in life--whether great or small-- can positively impact their family, community, country, and beyond.  We want our administrators, program directors, teachers, and support staff  to cultivate students who will have hope for a better future; students who will develop a sense of empathy for those who are in need; a belief that the future holds greater things for them and for our society as they become educated through the Golden Rule Charter school system.

I embrace the goals that we have set forth  as an institution in benefit of your children this school year (and for many more to come) by establishing  partnerships with the community and our parents as we  strive for excellence.

Thank you all for your support,

Teresa Rodriguez-Villarreal, Superintendent of Schools