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ESSER Grant Letter

Hello GRS Family,
Golden Rule is launching an online survey May 25th through June 2nd to gather input from the community – parents, students, staff, community members, etc. – in advance of the district developing the application plan to receive the allocated $4.6M.
The purpose of these funds is to address the impact that COVID-19 has had, and continues to have on elementary and secondary schools and students. TEA strongly encourages school systems to plan for how to use these one-time federal funds expeditiously over the entire covered period.
The U.S. Department of Education’s (USDE) initial grant award notice to Texas makes immediately available two-thirds of the total federal appropriation to Texas under ARP (ESSER III). The remaining one-third of ARP (ESSER III) funds will be released to schools in the amounts indicated on the TEA allocation document and will also be supplemental to all other state funds.
By the formula, Golden Rule will receive a total of $4.6M – $3.1M immediately available, and $1.5M to be released at a later date upon approval of the state plan.
Golden Rule total expected allocation - $4.6M
One-time, non-renewable grant (funds)
Funds may be used through September 2024
There are defined limitations to what may be funded
Charter must review every 6 months, plans may evolve as needed
Our administration will be developing the complete application plan for funds based on staff and community input, along with district and campus leadership, and research of best practices.
To access the survey, please click read full story and the link should appear down below.

Mr. Ernie Amaton, Deputy Superintendent
Golden Rule Charter Schools

School Re-Opening on Monday, Feb. 22nd

Dear Golden Rule Families,

First, we hope everyone has been staying warm and starting to see the light at the end of the storm. Many members of our GRS family – both staff and student families – experienced power outages for days, frozen pipes and water damage, plus other issues during the recent weather. Our facilities have experienced some issues as well and we have worked hard to repair and restore all systems.

Second, our goal is to have a regular school day beginning on Monday, February 22. We truly miss our students/staff and are anxious to try to get back to our everyday routines. Special thanks to ALL the staff addressing facility needs, and those who have come in to help their schools be ready to re-open!


Golden Rule Schools

Estimadas familias de Golden Rule,

Primero, esperamos que todos se encuentren bien y recuperandose despues de la tormenta. Muchos miembros de nuestra familia de Golden Rule sufrieron cortes de energía durante días, tuberías congeladas y daños por agua, además de otros problemas durante el clima reciente. Nuestras escuelas también padecieron algunos problemas y hemos trabajado duro para reparar y restaurar todos los sistemas.

En segundo lugar, nuestra meta es tener un día escolar regular a partir del lunes 22 de febrero. Realmente extrañamos a nuestros estudiantes / personal y estamos ansiosos por tratar de volver a nuestras rutinas diarias. ¡Un agradecimiento especial a TODO el personal que atiende las necesidades de las escuelas y a aquellos que han venido para ayudar a que sus escuelas estén listas para volver a abrir!


Escuelas de Golden Rule

Inclement Weather Update (Avisó de Clima)

Due to widespread power outages throughout the area, Golden Rule schools and offices will be closed Tuesday, Feb. 16 through Friday, Feb. 19, and we are verifying if we will be required to make up these days. Stay tuned to the district website and social media channels for latest updates. Stay safe and warm.

Debido a las condiciones inclementes del clima a través del área y la falta de electricidad, las escuelas y oficinas de Golden Rule permanecerán cerradas el martes, 16 de febrero asta el viernes, 19 de febrero, y nos vamos verificar se requerirá que repongan estos días. Por favor visiten la página del distrito y medios sociales para la información actualizada. Manténgase seguros.

Virtual Learning Only for Friday Feb. 12th

Due to the anticipated inclement weather, all Golden Rule teachers and students will continue to attend classes remotely for Friday, Feb. 12. All other district staff will work from home remotely.

Teachers have been asked to continue to make contact throughout the day with information and instructional assignments. Assignments are due on Feb. 12 by 11:59pm to receive credit for attendance.

Staff considered essential will not report to work in person.

All after-school activities and athletic events are also cancelled. All scheduled Abbot/Binax Rapid COVID testing will be rescheduled for a later date.

District officials will continue to closely monitor weather conditions and communicate changes. Please visit the district’s website at or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for up-to-date campus information.

Familias y personal de Golden Rule, debido al mal clima que se anticipa, todos los maestros y estudiantes de Golden Rule acudirán a clases de manera virtual mañana, viernes, 12 de febrero. Todos los demás empleados del distrito trabajarán remotamente desde casa.

Los maestros estarán en contacto durante el día con información y asignaciones de instrucción. Las asignaciones vencen el 12 de febrero a las 11:59 pm para que su hijo esté presente.

Los empleados que se consideren esenciales no se presenten a trabajar en persona manana.

También se cancelan todas las actividades después de la escuela y los eventos deportivos. Todas las pruebas de Abbot / Binax se reprogramarán.

Las autoridades del distrito continuarán siguiendo de cerca las condiciones climatológicas y comunicarán cambios. Por favor visite la página del distrito en o síganos en Facebook y Twitter para información actualizada.

Parent Survey 2020

Thank you for your participation in the 2020 Parent Survey.
Gracias por participar en la Encuesta para Padres 2020.
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