Welcome to 4th Grade!  
     2018-2019 is going to be an amazing year, 
In our class, we are going to learn more about Math and Science
Let me tell you just a bit about myself.
First and foremost, I love teaching and have been blessed to have been teaching at Golden Rule for 11 years.  It has been fun to watch your children grow and become young adults.  I have often had over the years brothers, sisters, and cousins from the same family and have found it fun to be part of the team which sets the course for their success.
I went to a local university here in Dallas, Southern Methodist University (Go Ponies!!!).  I am certified Pre-K through 4th grade and have taught many different grades from first through 4th.  I want to reach all of my students and provide the the best opportunity, which is why I went back and obtained both my English as a Second Language (ESL), and Gifted and Talented (GT) certificates.                            
Academic Goals: 
Golden Rule Charter School has high expectations for all our students. Students
will receive grades for class work, homework, projects and tests. The detailed grading policy can    
be found in the student handbook.  We encourage you to have parent/teacher conferences to discuss your child's progress. 
Thank you for the privilege of teaching your child.     
Mrs. Hargrove