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Tutoring classes - 3:20 - 4:00 p.m. - Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays

All those students who have a 79 average in Math and below must stay. I have sent a notice home and a sheet to sign for tutoring. Those that have sent it, do not need to sign again.
Please, it is a must for them to stay to tutoring. If you decline, let me know too.
Math 4A and 4C stay on Mondays
Math 4B stays on Tuesdays
Math 4D stays on Thursdays.
No more morning tutoring. I changed the hour, for I had a lot of the students missing. Please send them to tutoring.
Ms Pablo

Nov. 4, homework - adding fraction with like denominators

1. Write an example for each of the three properties of operations: (Look at your notes in your notebook.)
    a- Commutative Property of Addition
    b- Associative Property of Addition
    c- Identity property of Addition

Extra credit for the three properties of operations

This project is due Friday Nov. 8
You are to write an example for the three properties of operations - Commutative Property of Addition, Associative Property of Addition, Identity Property of Addition. For tomorrow you are to take the example written in a sheet of paper of in your notebook, for me to approve that your example is right. Then you will use half the size a poster paper, where you will write your example. You will make a foldable or any different way to show this.
Points - 10 points which will be added to your low grades.

Homework and class / Week three

Equivalent Fractions -
Vocabulary words - fraction, denominator, numerator, equivalent
Homework - For Oct. 20 - Measuring up- pgs. 57 and 58
                           Oct. 21 - Worksheet - pgs. 521 and 522
                            Oct. 22- no homework
                            Oct. 23- Study for three week test.
If they don't do the homework on time, they have until thursday to do it. Their grade will be lower than if they would have done it the first time.
Homework for Oct. 21 has  not been given out yet. It will be given as soon as possible.