Mrs. Lopez 3rd grade

My name is Damarys Lopez and I will have the pleasure to be teaching 3rd grade here at GRS, I will be teaching Reading and Social Studies to your students this year. To tell you a little bit about me, I am originally from Venezuela and I have been living in the USA for 8 years. I have a wonderful family, I have been married for 13 years and I have a 5 years old son, his name is Carlos Eduardo and I love being his mother. I have a bachelors in Elementary Education from Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas- Venezuela. I have been teaching for 10 years now. This will be my forth year working at Golden Rule in 3rd grade. I am confident that we will have an outstanding year.


If you need to contact me throughout the school year, please contact me via a note in the planner, a phone call before or after school (214-3339330), through e-mail.  My e-mail address is: Also, this year, I will be using a mobile app called ClassDojo where you will receive notifications and reminders from the class, you have been added to this app at the beginning of the school year, you can contact me through that app as well. 


Please see below to learn more about our class:


Behavior plan: Behavior will be noted through Class Dojo Your child’s behavior will be represented by a number of points they receive each day, they will be getting both positive and negative points daily to reflect their behavior. 


Rewards:  Students will receive rewards for accumulating ClassDojo points, every increment of 25 points they will get "Treasure Box". Also, when they achieve big milestones such as: 

250 points: Homework Free Pass

500 points: Free Dress Down

750 points: Lunch and a Movie 

1,000 points: Lunch with Principal

Homework: A homework folder will be used daily to take and bring homework back. The students will receive their homework on Monday and should be turned in on Friday unless noted different. They also have to complete a reading log daily, parents you need to sign the reading log every day. 


Breakfast and Lunch: Lunch and Breakfast is free of charge. Please be sure to send your child to school early enough to eat breakfast. Breakfast begins at 7:00 until 7:30. If they are not having breakfast, students will need to be here and ready at 7:45 because school starts promptly at 8:00. Our lunch time is from 11:00- 11:30. Parents can come to eat lunch with their students in Thursdays. 


Going Home:  Dismissal will be at 3:30. Students that are picked up walking, will be waiting at the cafeteria. If you pick up your students in car, your students will be waiting under the pavilion by the car line. If your child is going home a different way than normal, you must send a note to let us know.  Please, do not rely on your child telling me about the change.  Without a note, I will send your child home his/her normal way.


Field Trips and Volunteers: In order to be a chaperone on the trip, you must complete the application at least 6 weeks before the field trip. A field trip application will be filled out for each trip. Volunteers participating in any activities (including field trips) must have completed an application form at least 6 weeks prior to volunteering. ***Volunteers and guests must check in at the office.  You will receive a guest tag to wear. Please do not come to the classroom without checking into the office first. This is for the safety of all students. Thanks!


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns throughout the year, please contact me at, 214-33393330 or write a note through Class Dojo. 


I look forward to a fun filled productive year!    


Damarys Lopez