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Capitals and States of US Students can review and practice the names and locations of the states first and then their capitals.
It has begginer, intermediate, and advance levels!
Drama 5.5 Drama
A drama, or play, is a passage that tells a story using the lines characters say to each other.
These are the elements or parts of a drama:
Cast of characters: a list of characters that appear in a play; appears near the beginning of the play
Stage setting: the description of the time and place of the play and what the characters are doing as the scene begins
Dialogue: the lines that the characters say to each other to move the plot along
Stage directions: the words that appear in parentheses throughout the play and tell the characters how to act
Scene/Act: a small part of a play in which all actions happen in one place and at one time
ELAR Students can practice reading skills such as main idea and supporting details, cause and effect, author's purpose, drawing conclusions among others.
Istation Each student has their own username and password.
They need to download Istation to their tablet or laptop or desktop first.
Istation is a great tool to measure their reading skills.
Log information
password: eagle
Online reading How to get students to their assignments
1. Have students go to

2. Students enter class code UTUCGH

3. Default password is 1234
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