Our Story

Welcome to Golden Rule Schools, Inc.

A Proud Beginning

Our evolution from a one building Charter School to a diversified, citywide school system is truly a success story. We trace our school's roots to the summer of 2001, when our founder Vicente Delgado saw a need for better educating students in the south part of Dallas. He then set out to find a way to meet the diverse educational needs of a group of people that traditional schools could not reach. Hence the vision of a charter school in Oak Cliff. During our first year of 2001-2002 another school, Nova Charter School used our facilities while Dr. Delgado finished the application process and waited approval. Upon acceptance of our charter the wheels were put in motion as to the implementation stages of our first school year.

Solid Leadership

Dr. Vicente Delgado, the original founder, a minister with a vision has since finished a doctor of philosophy degree in Christian education. He soon realized that we needed to expand our business outside the boundaries of the Illinois campus to reach even more students. In 2005, the board of directors authorized an expansion plan with the intent of becoming an educational powerhouse in the Dallas metroplex market. However, the decision to provide services where our existing campus was located soon spurred the need to expand beyond that single site.

Upon the board's approval, Dr. Delgado applied for such expansion approval from the Texas Education Agency. On April 3, 2006 the final approval from the Texas Education Agency was received. Golden Rule was given permission to (a) expand the current site from 500 students to 1000 students, (b) add a site within the charter's currently approved geographical boundaries, and to (c) expand the geographical boundary to include Irving and Lancaster ISDs.

A Culture of Service

From campus to campus and from grade level to grade level, Golden Rule is committed to meeting the needs of ‘the whole child'. This service model has been adopted to ensure we are meeting the educational, mental, emotional, social, and familial aspects of every student and every stakeholder at Golden Rule Schools. As a direct result of our decision to provide this type of service it has made our services highly desirable and demanded from our clients. We will continue this service model approach at all of our facilities. It is expected that all staff members adhere to this service model as well. We are here to serve and to provide the best service possible. We believe if we fail to service our client, someone else will.

Progressive Diversification

Like our student population, we move continuously to improve our products, our service, and our methods. As time changes, so must our system in order to meet the demanding changes occurring in society. Golden Rule will continue to reach out to provide innovative services not found in traditional schools. We must continue to be progressive in our service model and products or we will no longer be in demand.

Continued Growth

It is the goal and vision of the administration and leadership of Golden Rule Schools, Inc. to continue to add grade levels, campus sites, and possibly a junior college. We strive to reach new heights and desire to bring with us the staff members who have already embarked on this journey with us. The leadership believes that the school vision is only limited to the members. We ask that both faculty and staff members buy in to this vision and focus not only on what we must do to make it through the day, but on what we must do to make it through the future.

Mission Statement

The mission of Golden Rule Schools, Inc. is to establish a safe and student-centered environment where knowledge and literacy are encouraged through learning activities that are developmentally appropriate, individually paced, and attuned to each student's academic performance and interests. Golden Rule Schools, Inc. honors and respects the cultural and ethnic differences of the students served by the school. As students develop the problem solving skills needed for the 21st Century, they will be encouraged to live, study, and strive together to be effective and productive citizens in the diverse and technology-driven global economy.

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